English to Shona Meaning of vapour - utsi

Vapour :

chiutsi, utsi, unyoro, kunyorova, fume krzywa, kupisa, bvungapfunga, mhute, maumi, nedzinovengwa, vharidzira, ziya, Chip, utandande

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Definitions of vapour in English
Noun(1) a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance(2) the process of becoming a vapor
Examples of vapour in English
(1) Having grown up in a cloud of nicotine vapour I am still thankful that I never succumbed.(2) Air rising to pass over the mountains cools and the water vapour condenses into cloud, rain and, if it is cold enough, snow.(3) What results is a super-saturated vapour , which cools to near ambient temperatures in a few milliseconds and condenses into the aerosol particles that make up the smoke.(4) Adding a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water, or to a warm bath, releases the vapour , which is then inhaled.(5) Work should be carried out in a well ventilated area, and ingestion and inhalation of the vapour should be avoided.(6) dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapour(7) A nebuliser is a device that turns a medicine into an vapour , and is used with a face mask or mouthpiece.(8) A few die-hards do start their exercises early, their breath turning to vapour in the cold.(9) To listen to the endless vapouring s on the broadcast media, you would think there had been an earthquake at Holyrood.(10) Their coverage was dominated by the self-important vapourings of a stream of politicians.(11) As far as my eye could reach, corn-fields, corn-fields, dwindling away towards the horizon in a vapoury line.(12) As the warm air rises the water vapor in it condenses into clouds that can produce rain, snow, sleet or freezing rain, often all four.(13) Fire officials say gas station explosions like this are rare, but they can be sparked by static electricity or cell phones igniting the gasoline vapors .(14) Watching the steam rise, she inhaled the comforting vapors and decided to take a bath.(15) Just stepping outside is enough to give an architectural purist the vapours .(16) Abandoning our corsets would surely prevent the many attacks of the vapours we ladies are prone to!
Related Phrases of vapour
(1) water vapor ::
mvura mhute
(2) vapor pressure ::
utsi kumanikidzwa
(3) vapor barrier ::
utsi chipingamupinyi
(4) vapor density ::
utsi arambe achirema
(5) vapor trail ::
utsi muhwezva
(6) vapor lock ::
utsi zvechizarira
1. haze ::
2. mist ::
3. steam ::
4. condensation ::
5. moisture ::
7. exhalation ::
8. fog ::
9. smog ::
10. smoke ::
Different Forms
vapour, vapours, vapoury
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