English to Shona Meaning of conduct - maitiro

Conduct :

maitiro, setsika, omesa, zvemhemberero nezviitiko, mabatiro, kubata, chiito, tungamira, adhimini, kutungamirira, utungamiriri, shandisa, kushandiswa, kusimbisa muviri, ruremekedzo, mutambi, muzvarirwo, basa, maumbirwo, unhu, Biography, kuzvibata, tsika, tengeserana, shanda, basa rekuita, utungamiri, murayiro, urongwa, gadziriro, nomutowo, they

tarisa, mubato, maitiro, tekenya, tungamira, manya, fambisa, famba, mutyairi wendege, senga, isa, dzaifanoiswa, kuzadzisa, ponda, Panorama, mira, vazvibate pachake, zvinokonzera, ruremekedzo

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Definitions of conduct in English
Noun(1) manner of acting or controlling yourself(2) (behavioral attributes
Verb(1) direct the course of; manage or control(2) lead, as in the performance of a composition(3) behave in a certain manner(4) take somebody somewhere(5) transmit or serve as the medium for transmission(6) lead musicians in the performance of
Examples of conduct in English
(1) Once it turns to plasma, the air can easily conduct electricity with the free electrons, and the bolt of lightning shoots to the ground through the plasma conductor.(2) Copper is valued for strength, malleability, ductility, and ability to conduct electricity and heat.(3) Low-cost, easily manufactured polymers that conduct electricity could revolutionize electronics, they say.(4) Will you conduct a choir differently than an orchestra?(5) Siena College was sparked by noting this belief among their students to conduct a poll of 354 historians to rank the most trying times.(6) Generally the rules govern the conduct of civil litigation.(7) I would submit the claimant's conduct has been reasonable throughout.(8) Victims have to show that but for the defendant's negligent conduct they would not have been injured.(9) The war encompassed all spheres of State activity, while its conduct required tremendous outlays.(10) The commission, comprising three international and two East Timorese commissioners, was responsible for the organization and conduct of the elections.(11) The point was inconsistent with the applicant's conduct of his case at trial.(12) Salts conduct electricity well when melted or when dissolved in water or some other solvents but not when they are solid.(13) Isn't it painful for Ashkenazy, who himself was a keyboard tyro and winner of the Tchaikovsky piano competition in 1962, to conduct another person in a work he once made his own?(14) Such observance did not hamper, and may have positively assisted, the efficient professional conduct of operations.(15) In recent years, organization and conduct of TE have been influenced by a number of main factors.(16) The Soviet military art attached much importance to organization and conduct of warfare with reliance on underground service lines.
Related Phrases of conduct
(1) code of conduct ::
bumbiro mufambiro
(2) to conduct ::
(3) disorderly conduct ::
zvisina maitiro
(4) conduct research ::
mufambiro tsvakurudzo
(5) conduct disorder ::
mufambiro nyonganyonga
(6) rules of conduct ::
Mitemo mufambiro
(7) improper conduct ::
maitiro kukodzera
(8) conduct oneself ::
kuitisa pachake
(9) conduct electricity ::
mufambiro magetsi
(10) personal conduct ::
1. behavior ::
2. management ::
3. manage ::
4. escort ::
5. transmit ::
6. guide ::
7. comport ::
8. deal ::
9. carry ::
10. direct ::
Different Forms
conduct, conductance, conducted, conductible, conducting, conduction, conductive, conducts
Word Example from TV Shows
Mother, if you're going
to conduct your life

Mother, if you're going to CONDUCT your life

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 18

to conduct
this beautiful current with, hm?

to CONDUCT this beautiful current with, hm?

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 9

I thought it would be wise
to conduct a trial run.

I thought it would be wise to CONDUCT a trial run.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 6

and leave us to conduct
our affairs in peace.

and leave us to CONDUCT our affairs in peace.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7

Leonard, I'm an adult,
I know how to conduct myself...

Leonard, I'm an adult, I know how to CONDUCT myself...

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 23

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